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Indoor Air Quality

H.M. Pitt Labs investigates indoor air quality problems in private residences, office environments, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. Our certified professionals use visual investigation techniques, field sampling procedures and laboratory analyses to aid in the detection of contamination sources relating to bad air complaints. Our field staff includes Environmental Scientists and ACAC Consultants who have received extensive training to perform these investigations. Please give us a call and let us help you resolve your air quality concerns!

The following services are available to address those concerns:

• Indoor Environment & Hygiene Consulting

•Microbial (Mold) Air Sampling

• Microbial Remediation Plans & Recommendations

• Airborne Particulate Sampling

• Bacteria Sampling

• Moisture Testing of Concrete Slabs

• Expert Witness Testimony

• Formaldehyde Sampling

• Volatile Organic Compound Sampling

• Noise Monitoring

• Employee Personal Exposure Monitoring

• LEED Construction Project Sampling

• Methamphetamine Compliance Sampling & Reporting

• Wildfire Soot Investigations

• Ventilation Studies

• Radon Gas Sampling

• Real Estate Mold Inspections

• Moisture Intrusion Investigations


Mold spores are a common contaminant found in indoor air. Most of the mold discovered inside a home originates outdoors.

Exposure to mold is an everyday occurrence for most people. In recent years it has been determined that mold can have potential health effects if the spores are inhaled in large quantities. These include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

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If you are concerned about mold in your home, we can help. At H.M. Pitt Labs we can analyze air and surface samples for common airborne contaminants. These include fungus, pollen, fibers, and dust mites. Our analysts and technicians have participated in specialized Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) coursework including those offered by McCrone's Research Institute in Chicago, IL, the American Indoor Air Quality Council/Aerotech Labs in Arizona, and the Indoor Air Quality Association Inc.

For locations in the Southern California region, we are available to perform IAQ site investigations. Our technicians will personally inspect your home for visible signs of mold contamination. They will also perform air quality tests, provide evaluation and interpretation of the results, and if necessary, provide remediation plans.

You can also send surface samples to the lab for analysis. Surface samples can be taken by gently pressing the sticky side of a piece of crystal clear tape to the suspect location. The tape can then be pressed to the inside of a plastic sandwich bag for protection in traveling. Label the outside of the bag with the location of the sample (ie: under kitchen cabinet) and your name and address. All samples submitted to the lab should also include a completed Chain of Custody record (click here to download form).

Please contact us at 800-474-8548 for a more extensive price list or to schedule a technician to come to your home.